Advanti Racing Details

The Advanti Racing wheels at this time can only be shipped directly to businesses at this time. Please provide a business shipping address at checkout to qualify.

1 piece cast alloys ranging in sizes from 17Ē to 22Ē and are designed for passenger cars and cross-over SUVís. Each wheel is designed and engineered in house by YHI manufacturing to the highest quality and testing standards

Advanti Racing Alloy Wheels, a proprietary brand of the YHI Manufacturing Group, was established in the mid 1990ís. This brand was started with the opening of YHIís first manufacturing plant in Taiwan in 1996 to showcase itsí in-house alloy wheels design capabilities.

Parent company YHI international just celebrated its 60th year anniversary of business. It is publicly traded in Singapore Stock Exchange and has locations in 22 countries. YHI is both a manufacturing company and trading company. In 1996 it started wheel manufacturing to give quality and cost benefits to its member trading divisions. Currently YHI has 4 manufacturing facilities (Taiwan, Malaysia and 2 facilities in China)

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