Brand/Model Size Bolt Pattern Offset Finish Price (each)
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x10.55x11240Matte Black$252.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x10.55x114.325Matte Black$252.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x10.55x114.340Matte Black$252.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x10.55x12025Matte Black$252.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x10.55x12040Matte Black$252.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x95x11235Matte Black$240.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x95x114.320Matte Black$240.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x95x114.335Matte Black$240.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x95x12020Matte Black$240.49
33_mb.jpgXIX X3320"x95x12035Matte Black$240.49

Xix Details

XIX Exotic Alloys markets XIX wheels with a single-minded objective, and that is to offer wheels in designs that project superior performance and quality. Having the brand conceptualized in USA, and trusted worldwide since its inception in 2000, these wheels are available in major cities of the world, from London, Germany, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo right up to Singapore.

To XIX, wheels are art. And eventually, from hundreds of designs and ideas, a single expression of the latest trends and designs appears. The XIX wheels are made to surpass stringent manufacturing standards and such a commitment has earned the TUV (Germany) and VIA (Japan) manufacturing accreditations.

XIX focuses on the high-end vehicles: cars such as the BMW's, Mercedes', Infinities, etc. and is perfect for the owners that want staggered fitment for their rides.

The XIX team is always on the lookout for the perfect balance of performance and style.

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