Tire Dimensions: 275/60R20
Section Width (mm): 275
Aspect Ratio: 60
Internal Construction: R
Rim Diameter: 20
Load Range: STD
Weight: 43 lbs
Max Load: 2679 lbs
Max PSI: 44 psi
Rim-Width Range: 7.5-9.5
Compound: NA
Item Number: MT90000002048
Price: $207.00

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Trail Country

Dick Cepek Trail Country 50000 treadwear tire warranty

The Trail Country radial is a true all-terrain, M+S-rated tire for light trucks and SUVs thatís been expertly engineered to be tough and reliably responsive in a variety of conditions including off-road environments. It also offers great street performance, responsive handling and long wear.

Offered in 26 popular sizes.


  • • Specially shaped, interlocking tread elements resist stone retention and automatically adjust to surface changes.
  • • Five-rib tread pattern transfers energy across surface of the contact patch for responsive handling.
  • • Main tread channels use a variable-groove pattern to disperse water, mud and snow away from the tire.
  • • The TRAIL COUNTRY carries a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

The Dick Cepek Trail Country was designed for SUVs and pickup trucks. It performs on and off-road in both wet and dry conditions. The zig-zag siping around the tread helps to make this tire an all-season tire. Aside from this tire performing well on highway terrain, the traction is impressive on gravel, dirt and mud; this is achieved through the tire's multi-dimensional sidebiters which help push out small rocks and gravel. If you're looking for a tire that you can go both on and off-road with and still have the impressive 50k treadwear warranty, the Trail Country is for you.

Manufacturer Warranty

Dick Cepek Details

Founded in 1963 by off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek, the Dick Cepek brand has always taken great pride in providing quality on and off-road products for truck, S.U.V., and 4x4 owners. From it's humble beginnings as a means for Dick to supply his family, friends, and fellow off-road enthusiasts with tires that would take them off the highway and into the great outdoors, to today's high tech wheel and tire manufacturing facilities around the country, Dick Cepek's mission is still carried out today by helping thousands of people to enjoy products that enhance their vehicle and provide off road capability to those that need it. Although Dick is not longer with us, we think he'd be proud that his legend lives on and the products that bear his name have helped so many off roaders enjoy the same passion for the outdoors that he enjoyed.

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