Tire Dimensions: 215/45ZR17
Section Width (mm): 215
Aspect Ratio: 45
Internal Construction: ZR
Rim Diameter: 17
Load Range: NA
Weight: 22 lbs
Max Load: 1356 lbs
Max PSI: 49 psi
Rim-Width Range: 7.0-8.0
Compound: NA
Item Number: 21545R17D7DE
Price: $104.49

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D7 Thunder

Comes with Delinte's 40,000 mile limited lifetime tread-life warranty.


The D7 is V, H, W and Y speed-rated, so expect high-performance handling! But you can also expect a comfortably quiet ride too. Roll down the windows and enjoy!

Performance-enhancing silica compound and tread design

The D7ís advanced high traction compound is tuned for performance, as is the blaze-shaped tread pattern. Expect great traction, superb fuel economy and a comfortable ride.

Wet grip grooves

The four wide longitudinal grooves evacuate road water and resist hydroplaning.

Noise absorbing groove design

Groove shape and the scores on the groove sides absorb vibration and reduce airflow noise.

Delinte D7 Thunder UHP Tire

The Largest Selection of Staggered Tire Sizes for Replacement and Original Equipment Fitments.

Both of the special main blaze shape pattern block and shoulder provide unparalleled operation property. Specialized compound, cooperated with sipping designs, offers optimal balance for fuel economy, traction and ride comfort.

Four-wide longitudinal grooves for high hydroplaning-resistance.

Gradually changeable design of circumferential center main grooves and the score on the side surface of the grooves can absorb the vibrational noise and can steer air flow to reduce noise generated by collision.

The D7 Thunder was built when a need for an affordable uhp all-season tire was in high demand. Delinte went to tackle a wide range of applications from sport cars to SUVs and anything in between. The D7 was designed to handle and offer a quiet ride. We placed a set of these tires on our C6 Corvette sitting on 19's and the tire performed exceptionally through turns on both wet and dry pavement. It was made to increase braking performance and excel in wet conditions. Looking at the tire, you'll notice 4 wide grooves; these grooves were made to help expel excess water and to keep you on the road.

The engineers at Delinte took their time to make a tire that not only performs well, but actually looks really nice too, all while keeping the pricing extremely low when compared to other sizes in the same class. This tire is a great option for cost-conscious consumers that don't want to sacrifice reliability; it even comes with a 30,000 mile warranty.

Delinte D7 Thunder Sidewall

Delinte Details

A smart performance brand for smart drivers.

Itís smart to look for new ideas, new technology and new value in high performance tires. Thatís why a growing number of drivers worldwide are looking to Delinte. Engineered and produced under the leadership of a European technology team, Delinte tires provide the satisfying performance and the aggressive styling that todayís most progressive drivers demand.

CENCHELYN is a tire manufacturer owned and operate by Sentaida Group Co. Ltd. The factory has been manufacturing tires since 2008. It encompasses 9.60 million sq. feet with a projected capacity of 16.25 million pieces per year-including PCR,LTR,TBR and radial OTR with emphasis upon UHP & SUV tire. The Primary Brands produced are Landsail and Delinte.

Delinte Tires

STD will be completed in 3 phases, the first of which has been finished. The project currently houses a 1.2 million sq. feet factory building on a 2 million sq. feet plot with a capacity of 6 million primarily UHP & SUV size tires per year. The second phase that started in 2011 will construct an additional 3.5 million sq. feet factory building with a production output of 2 million TBR and 6 million PCR, UHP & SUV and LTR tires. Finally, the last phase will include the completion of another 2.8 million sq. feet factory building with a capacity of 2 million TBR and 250,000 radial OTR per year.

Moreover, the state of the art production equipments will include a WP-8 mixer system from German Krupp Co., Ltd., a steel wire calendar production line from Italian Rodolfo Comerio Co., Ltd., a hexagonal bead winding system from American Bartell Co., Ltd., and x-ray machines from German Collmann Co., Ltd., and uniform and balances checking machines from American ITW and Japan KOKUSAI Co., Ltd., a steel cord cutting line from German Fischer Co, Ltd., Single Stage Building machines (VMI 242/245) from Holand. All of the above equipments will be supervised by top-notch European technology team who possess over 80 years of experience in the R&D, manufacturing of UHP & SUV and PCR tires. Furthermore, STD already has two international patents in tyre pattern design approved. Additionally, STD adheres to the strict quality control following the pundit ISO/TS16949. All manufacturing departments assure quality in every aspect-product R&D, supplier resourcing, main and accessory material inspections, production line monitoring, products appearance and inner structure examination, and logistic & after service.

Delinte Warranty Information

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