XIX XF51 Flow Formed Wheels on BMW i8

That's right, XIX is going electric. The BMW i8 is a masterpiece. This is out of BMW's comfort zone but wow did they deliver. We felt that the wheel to complement this environmentally friendly vehicle should be striving to do the same. The XF51 is a Flow Formed wheel that's designed with weight savings in mind. The XF51 is also concave and just looks amazing on most vehicles, especially the i8.

XIX XF51 wheels on BMW i8

When a wheel like the XF51 is flow formed, the structural integrity is kept while the weight is noticeably decreased. Flow-forming creates a thinner, almost forged resembling wheel barrel. Why are so many manufacturerís designing flow-formed wheels? Itís the consumerís demand for light-weight wheels thatís driving the demand.

How are flow-formed wheels created? First, the drum thatís used to hold the wheel is heated to an incredibly high temperature. The cast wheel is then placed on the drum and extreme pressure is applied to the barrel causing the wheel barrel to stretch. Stretching alters the aluminum's composition creating a wheel thatís about 30% stronger and 30% lighter.

XIX Exotic Alloys is the number one company when it comes to flow-formed (sometimes referred to as flow-forged) wheels. XIX Wheels prides itself in its craftsmanship. Thatís why XIX offers a lifetime structural warranty on all its wheels.

To see the flow-forging process at the XIX Manufacturing facility, check out the video below.

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