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First Choice Wheels and Tires started off as a wholesale distributor in 1984. From there, we’ve seen numerous changes in the market and we adopt to each change. Over the past few year, car manufacturers have been pushing the limits with how much power a car can produce. Just take a look at some of the vehicles that have come out recently:

  • • C6 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: 650hp
    • - 275/35ZR18 tires in the front
    • - 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear
  • • The rumored 2018 C7 ZR1 is said to have 750hp
    • - Unannounced but we're already feeling sorry for those rear tires
  • • 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: 707hp
    • - Pirelli P Zero 275/40ZR20 108Y fronts and rears
  • • 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 707hp
    • - Pirelli P Zero 275/40ZR20 108Y fronts and rears
  • • 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: 840hp
    • - Nitto NT05R 315/40R18 fronts and rears. They're barely street legal and Dodge claims that the SRT Demon is the first production car to come with factory drag radials.
  • • 2016 Dodge Viper ACR: 645hp
    • - P295/25R19Z Kumho Ecsta V720 fronts
    • - P355/30R19Z Kumho Ecsta V720 rears

ZR1 Corvette C6

With that kind of power, you need higher rated tires to help keep the car on the road and to be able to transfer that immense torque to the ground without burning the tires off 30 seconds from when you started. The C6 Corvette ZR1 came with 275/35ZR18 tires in the front and 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear. Looking at the tire sizes, you’ll notice two things:

  • • They're super wide and
  • • They have a ZR where you normally only see the R

What does that mean? Speed ratings are normally appended to the end of the tire, right after the load index. Together, these two make up the service description (required on all speed rated tires, except Z rated tires). Tires that have a speed rating higher than 149mph are considered Z-rated tires. Most of the time, the tire manufacturers will move the "Z" from the end of the tire to right before the "R."

You may also notice other letters appended to the end of the tire. For UHP purposes, you may notice W and Y. W and Y rated tires are used to specify the exact top speed that they're rated for. W-rated tires can handle speeds up to 168mph and Y-rated tires can handle speeds up to 186mph. Since they both achieve speed ratings higher than 149mph, they're both considered Z-rated tires as well. So, most of the time you’ll see a tire size that has both listed (i.e. 205/45ZR17 88W or 285/35ZRR19 99Y).

Tire Speed Rating

Over the past few years, the demand for Z-rated tires forced us to expand for from H rated and S rated tires, which used to make up 80% of our tire inventory, to Z-rated tires, which now make up 75% of our stocking light-vehicle tire inventory. It's no shock anymore to get 5 to 10 customers per day asking us a tire question for their $100,000+ vehicle. In the beginning, there was a significant learning curve; some vehicles that people called about, we had no idea what they were. Now, it's become second nature, like someone calling in about a Honda Civic; it's become part of our daily business.

Owning an expensive vehicle doesn't always translate into knowledge of tires, and quite frankly, if you can pick up the phone or send us a chat message, why would you want to commit everything to memory? These enthusiasts need the knowledge that expert tire shops can provide them. We're used to answering a million questions for family oriented vehicles, but we're happily experiencing even more questions geared towards high-end exotic vehicles.

If you talk to your average tire-shop owner about the appropriate tires for one of these vehicles, he or she will turn the screen around for you and tell you the high-priced, medium-priced and low-priced tire options that he has for you. At First Choice, we take the time to first understand your driving habits and then recommend you to the appropriate tire that can handle your vehicle's power and be the best overall tire for you. Our sales personnel are not commissioned based so when you’re speaking with them, you'll know that the suggestions they're providing you with are customer-interest oriented first. We make sure that customers know that the feeling sometimes overcomes the best of us; even if you’ve never put the pedal-to-the-metal, the UHP tire will be there just in case if you were to.

The UHP tire is there to exceed the vehicle's performance and still provide you with ride comfort. Before when you looked at low-profile tires (i.e. 25 or 30 for the aspect ratio) you knew that you were going to feel it; these days, the tire manufacturers seem to have gotten it right where that's not a death sentence any more for your suspension or your ride comfort. They're made from specific compounds that are there to perform under extreme conditions; whether it's high-speed, corner-handling or braking distance, the UHP tires are made to handle these conditions and do them well. You’ll feel the difference on track-day when you start shaving seconds off your best lap time.

Tire knowledge is one thing, but our staff also excels in any wheel question that you might have; whether it's a question in regards to your lifted truck, your slammed 240 or anything in between, our wheel experts are there to answer any questions that you may have. When ordering a wheel and tire combo, our expert technicians will make sure that everything is mounted and balanced correctly. Aside from investing in the latest mounting and balancing equipment, our technicians have been with us for 10+ years. Mounting 20+ sets of wheels and tires each day translates to the experience that you can expect from seeing every possible wheel and tire combination going out the door.

Regardless of what other companies claim, First Choice Wheels and Tires has the largest in-stock inventory of custom wheels and tires in the South East. Turning over a $1,000,000 each month in wheels and tire means that we can predict what the next trend is going to be and stock those items accordingly. Our customers order from coast to coast and we strive to provide free shipping to all. Our staff are passionate car guys that can spend hours talking to you about your vehicle. Give us a call and test our knowledge: we'd love to talk to you about your UHP tire needs.

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