Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

XXR Wheels at Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

What a show. The 3 things that Import Alliance looks for in the showcase vehicles are quality, innovation, and execution. When we were there, we saw anything from race cars to stance cars and everything in the middle.

ImportAlliance is a meet for enthusiasts of import cars, however everyone felt welcome. We saw vehicles from your Japanese to your Italian exotics.

This year, we at First Choice Wheels and Tires teamed up with XXR wheels and were at the Import Alliance show bright and early Saturday morning. Although we got there at 6:00am, we didn’t enter up until 8:00am. Then the flood gates opened up. Make sure to check out the Import Alliance Instagram account for an amazing aerial shot of the crowd.

Saturday, the crowd was almost instantaneous. It seemed that everyone that walked by stopped by the XXR booth with their fitment questions. We were starting to get worried that the new generation of car enthusiasts was not going to be present, but were we pleasantly surprised. The wheel force fitment questions that we received even made us scratch our heads a few times, but that’s a good thing.

Beetle at Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

At the very end of the venue was the drift portion of the show. All of us ventured to the drift area throughout the day. Sitting on the stands, eating a burger and watching drifting was the highlight of our time there.

Going through the cars that were on display we noticed that people were not afraid of force fitment (aka rolling the fender). The lip sizes that some of these wheels had where incredible. We haven’t seen anything like that in the previous shows.

After talking to numerous car owners the consensus was that XXR will start on an even more ambitions force fitment design. We’ll let you know as we find out more details.

As ImportAlliance in Atlanta has become a tradition for us now, this year we’re discounting each set of XXR wheels by $40.00 if you use the coupon code XXRIA in the month of April 2017. We’ll see you in 2018.

Slammed Subaru WRX

240sx drifting at Import Alliance

Nissan 240sx drifting at Import Alliance Atlanta

Drift Truck at 2017 Import Alliance

Supercharged G35 drifting at Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

Slammed Civic at IA2017

Drifting at Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

S13 drifting at IA

Slammed 350z at Import Alliance

2017 IA show

Slammed Toyota Camry at Import Alliance Atlanta 2017

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