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About the CEO: Dino Cajic

To know a company, you'll need to understand the people behind it.

Dino Cajic CEO of First Choice Wheels and Tires

I guess we'll start this off the same way as you've seen it countless other times: Hi my name is Dino Cajic. I'm the current CEO of First Choice Wheels and Tires. To understand a company, I believe that you need to understand its methodology and the people behind the scenes. My life philosophy is simple: try at 120% and there's absolutely no way that you can fail. I challenge myself first before challenging my friends (and yes, they are actually my friends) here at First Choice and outside. Our goal is not only to be great at our careers but our goals transcend the work-place. We push each other to achieve new goals wherever we are.

Our daily conversations range from cars (of course) to family, education, health, research, you name it. We believe that if we strive to achieve all our goals at 100% that effort will automatically trickle down into the work environment.

For me personally, I was changing plans a million times a day. I knew that focusing on one concentration would benefit me far more than scattering all over the place, but I couldn't help it. I was torn between programming, education, business and my passion of vehicles. I finally stopped fighting it and decided to combine them all. Before I proceed, I'm going to dissect each portion that makes me who I am. I do want to note, for me family comes above everything else. There isn't even a need to delve into that portion: everything revolves around them.


I was introduced to programming in High School and never quit. I find it fascinating to experiment with different programming languages and push the boundaries in each. So far, I've developed projects in C, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Assembly and MySQL (HTML and CSS to include them in here). The theory and history of programming languages fascinates me; I want to dig deep into not only the design of the programming language but also to how mathematics (discrete math primarily) fits into the equation. Instead of thinking about how can I solve this problem with this programming language, I think about which language is best suited for solving this type of problem. Looking at my code you'll notice that each line is meticulously optimized and I treat comments as part of the coding process. I love to see completed projects and the documentation associated with it. Rarely do I create a piece of software without creating an additional 150+ pages of documentation, as well as format the internal documentation so that software like JavaDoc can create additional code documentation. I take pride in my work and would be embarrassed knowing that something wasn't done at 100%.

After years of experience there's hardly a problem that stumps me anymore where I don't know where to begin. So, I decided to challenge myself further by furthering my education.


In my opinion, education can be what it used to be; it's sad that so many people don't take the full advantage of it. I'm currently enrolled in my last year at Georgia State University pursing my Bachelor degree with the hopes of pursuing a PhD after graduation. Most people that I speak with say, "college is a joke nowadays." If your intent is to only pass your classes and land a job afterwards, then I agree. I, unfortunately, see too many students with no enthusiasm or pride in the work that they produce. Why are you here? Going back to my previously mentioned philosophy, if you try at 120% you'll succeed in anything. You have to really understand why you're in school. If your primary motivation is to earn a degree to land a job, you're in it for the wrong reason. If you haven't seen Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk video on education, you need to see it right now.

There are those, me included, that would like to one day retire as a professor teaching Biological Computer Science; that's right, I also have a passion for other sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I've completed my minor in Biology and would love to attain another one, possibly even double major in Physics. I feel at home when I step into a classroom. Some people find it relaxing to play a sport on the weekends; I find enjoyment in attending class. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this from the Georgia State University Library. If you don't have that same feeling, you either need to change majors or leave school altogether pursuing your true passion.

So far, I believe I've taken advantage of every possible option offered at Georgia State University. Besides getting a 97% + in each class that I've taken since I started a couple of years ago, I've also become the Computer Science Club President at GSU and have started my own independent research under the supervision of Dr. Ashwin Ashok.


Ah, cars. We're here at last. I've loved them since the day I was born, so it seems. I'm currently creating a website on my journey with my all-time favorite: C5 Corvette. Working on cars is a relaxation point for me. I don't mind waiting days before I continue working on the next detail: I just want to make sure that everything is perfect. I'm writing a journal (110 pages so far) that will be transformed into a website soon enough on the upgrades that I've done to my C5 (this will probably expand into a journey with all of my cars). I waited 3 years before starting any serious customization. Why? I wanted my new-born son to be there for the process. In my head, I pictured a father-son bonding experience similar to the one I had with my dad growing up. Now that we've started, I can tell you that the journey has been great so far. Instead of writing everything here, you'll be able to check it out on the website soon enough. As soon as the website is ready, I'll post a link to it here.

I hope that this is enough to expose you to the type of person that I am; I transfer all of that passion into First Choice Wheels and Tires.

Dino Cajic, CEO
First Choice Wheels and Tires
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