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Tire Dimensions: 305/30ZR26
Section Width (mm): 305
Aspect Ratio: 30
Internal Construction: ZR
Rim Diameter: 26
Load Range: NA
Weight: 48 lbs
Max Load: 2271 lbs
Max PSI: 49 psi
Rim-Width Range: 10.5-11.5
Compound: NA
Item Number: 30530R26DSDE
Price: $225.49
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D8 Desert Storm

  • Central Longitudinal continuous trunk-like ridge for straight line stability and high-speed control.
  • Twin longitudinal grooves with 3-D groove walls to resist hydroplaning in wet road conditions and reduce noise levels.
  • Innovative 3-D groove profile combined with a downstream line design enhances water evacuation and rubber-to-road contact.
  • Unique 2-in-1 pitch alignment reduces noise levels at high speeds.
  • Variable pitch pattern and optimized sipe distribution, with 2-in-1 pitch alignment, minimizes noise generation, contributing to a more quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Convex & concave shoulder grooves provide stability while cornering in any direction, lowering noise level.
  • Silicon compound, with sipe distribution, promotes grip in braking and handling, especially in wet conditions.

Delinte Details

CENCHELYN is a tire manufacturer owned and operate by Sentaida Group Co. Ltd. The factory has been manufacturing tires since 2008. It encompasses 9.60 million sq. feet with a projected capacity of 16.25 million pieces per year-including PCR,LTR,TBR and radial OTR with emphasis upon UHP & SUV tire. The Primary Brands produced are Landsail and Delinte.

STD will be completed in 3 phases, the first of which has been finished. The project currently houses a 1.2 million sq. feet factory building on a 2 million sq. feet plot with a capacity of 6 million primarily UHP & SUV size tires per year. The second phase that started in 2011 will construct an additional 3.5 million sq. feet factory building with a production output of 2 million TBR and 6 million PCR, UHP & SUV and LTR tires. Finally, the last phase will include the completion of another 2.8 million sq. feet factory building with a capacity of 2 million TBR and 250,000 radial OTR per year.

Moreover, the state of the art production equipments will include a WP-8 mixer system from German Krupp Co., Ltd., a steel wire calendar production line from Italian Rodolfo Comerio Co., Ltd., a hexagonal bead winding system from American Bartell Co., Ltd., and x-ray machines from German Collmann Co., Ltd., and uniform and balances checking machines from American ITW and Japan KOKUSAI Co., Ltd., a steel cord cutting line from German Fischer Co, Ltd., Single Stage Building machines (VMI 242/245) from Holand. All of the above equipments will be supervised by top-notch European technology team who possess over 80 years of experience in the R&D, manufacturing of UHP & SUV and PCR tires. Furthermore, STD already has two international patents in tyre pattern design approved. Additionally, STD adheres to the strict quality control following the pundit ISO/TS16949. All manufacturing departments assure quality in every aspect-product R&D, supplier resourcing, main and accessory material inspections, production line monitoring, products appearance and inner structure examination, and logistic & after service.

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