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M/T Tires are compounded by size and application. The following points are general application suggestions. Mickey Thompson and First Choice Wheels and Tires are not responsible for misapplications.

To identify the compound of your current M/T ET Drag tires look at the serial number on the sidewall of the tire:

  • ST - Suggested for manual transmissions (medium compound)
  • W - Extra tread width (please note actual tread and section width on spec sheet)
  • S - Stiff sidewall construction aids in quicker reaction time due to less tire distortion. Also good in high horsepower applications and for heavy cars (Over 3,000 lbs)
  • C - Sport Compact
  • R - Radial Construction
  • * - Stiff Sidewall
  • High Growth Tire

  • B2: For Motorcycles
  • L4: FWD Vehicles
  • L7: For Motorcycles
  • L8: Good Compound for General Use
  • M2: For Jr. Dragsters
  • M5: Good Compound for General Use
  • M7: Good Compound for High Horsepower Applications With Clutch
  • M8: Aggressive Compound for Index Racing, Works Well in all Ambient and Track Conditions
  • R1: Special Compound for ET Drag Radial
  • R2: Special Compound for ET Street Radial
  • X5 - Cooler running version of M5.
  • X7 - Cooler running version of L7.

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