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    Time To Fulfill the XXR Backorders
    Atlanta, GA, July 25, 2013 - It seems that everywhere you call, you’ll hear the exact same message, “XXR wheels are on a nationwide backorder.” First Choice Wheels and Tires took the initiative to try and beat the system by ordering over a thousand wheels a year in advance. “Of course there was no way to order every single size and finish, so we wanted to stick with the most popular items. With a selection of 20,000 part numbers, you can see how this might get overwhelming” stated Dino Cajic, CEO of First Choice Wheels and Tires. He explained that “XXR is a brand that people want. If we can provide it sooner than the other guy you’ll come out on top. Our sales and marketing staff have spent hundreds of hours on XXR alone trying to predict which items will be popular a year from now. A year...

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    Brand/Model Size Bolt Pattern Offset Finish Price (each)
    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1122"x95x115/12013Chrome$267.49

    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1122"x96x135/5.530Chrome$267.49

    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1124"x9.56x135/5.530Chrome$299.49

    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1120"x8.55x4.25/4.535Chrome$235.49

    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1128"x106x5.525Chrome$432.49

    vw11_chrome.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1122"x85x4.5/12038Chrome$267.49

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1828"x106x135/5.525ChromeCall

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1826"x105x115/12013ChromeCall

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1820"x8.55x4.5/12035Chrome$224.49

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1824"x9.56x135/5.530ChromeCall

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1824"x9.55x115/12013ChromeCall

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1822"x96x135/5.530ChromeCall

    B18_chrome.jpgBorghini B1822"x95x135/5.513ChromeCall

    35chrome.jpgU2 3524"x95x115/12015Chrome$249.00

    vw12_bm.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1222"x95x11513Black Machined$200.49

    vw12_bm.jpgVelocity Wheel VW1220"x8.55x4.535Black Machined$184.49

    220chrome.jpgVersante 22020"x8.55x115/515Chrome$198.49

    iroc_chrome.jpgOEM IROC22"x8.55x4.7538Chrome$297.49

    iroc_black.jpgOEM IROC22"x8.55x4.7538Black Machined$240.49

    iroc_black.jpgOEM IROC22"x9.55x4.7510Black Machined$240.49

    Brand Model Size Price (each)
    D7.jpgDelinteD7 Thunder245/40ZR20$134.49

    toyo_extensa_as.jpgToyoExtensa A/S205/50R15$113.49

    vanderbilt_turbo_tech_gt_radial.jpgVanderbiltTurbo Tech Radial G/T295/50R15$170.00

    D7.jpgDelinteD7 Thunder245/30ZR20$133.49

    D7.jpgDelinteD7 Thunder265/30R19$164.49

    D7.jpgDelinteD7 Thunder245/35R19$159.49

    Falken_950_AS_386.jpgFalkenZiex ZE950195/50R15$113.49

    D8.jpgDelinteD8 Desert Storm275/30R24$205.49

    Regul_TourAS.jpgRegulTouring A/S215/65R17$119.49

    D8.jpgDelinteD8 Desert Storm275/25R28$354.49

    D7.jpgDelinteD7 Thunder265/30ZR22$155.49

    Kumho_Tires_ECSTA_PA31_1_386x386.jpgKumhoEcsta PA31245/50R16$160.49

    Hankook_Dynapro_MT_RT03.jpgHankookDynaPro MT37/12.50R18$470.49

    Falken_ZiexSTZ05_386.jpgFalkenZiex S/TZ05275/45R20$192.49

    D8.jpgDelinteD8 Desert Storm275/25R26$240.49

    nexen_nferasu1_386.jpgNexenN Fera SU1195/45ZR15$130.49

    streetComp.jpgMickey ThompsonStreet Comp305/35R20$191.00

    streetComp.jpgMickey ThompsonStreet Comp245/35R19$188.00

    streetComp.jpgMickey ThompsonStreet Comp235/45R17$119.00

    lt_all_terrain_ta_ko.jpgBFGoodrichAll-Terrain T/A KO305/55R20$450.49