Diameter: 26"
Width: 10
Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5
Offset: 25
Centerbore: 110
Finish: Chrome
Item Number: A503260655+25C
Weight: 61 lbs
Item Number: A503260655+25C
Your Discounted Price: $366.49 (each)
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The Akuza Sting is a wheel produced by Akuza. Another name that the Akuza Sting is known as is the Akuza 503. The 503 signifies the model number that is assigned. The Akuza brand incorporates state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce a wheel that is both light weight and durable. The sizes for the Akuza Sting range from 20" to 26". Along with those sizes, this wheel comes in only the chrome finish. With a five spoke full face finish design, the Akuza Sting was constructed with the notion that owners will want to display the chrome that encompasses their vehicles, and lots of it.

People usually buy the Akuza Sting's to make their vehicle stand out from the rest. The chrome finish will definitely bring a lot of "good" attention to the owner while driving down the road regardless if it's for pleasure or if the vehicle is for Company use.

Akuza Wheels produces the following sizes for the Akuza 503 Sting:
Currently it's only produced in Chrome finish with no talk about production of additional finishes. The following wheels are usually placed on trucks and SUV's. Some common vehicles that you might find that have the Akuza Stings's are the Dodge Ram's, Ford F-150's, Ford Expedition's and Lincoln Navigator's. Of course these wheels fit many other different SUV/Trucks. To check out a full line-up of vehicles that fit the Akuza Sting, you may browse our e-commerce interactive website.

Akuza Details

Be more than a fan to your SUVs and trucks, be a friend with the Akuza Wheels by Prestige Auto-Tech Corp, a revolutionary wheel manufacturer providing the highest quality wheels through innovation and cutting edge style. Give your car a sense of luxury with high performance quality with sizes from 15 all the way up to 28. To view the full line up of wheels that Prestige Auto-Tech Corp offers, click on the "Search by Brand" link under the Wheel Banner and select any of the high quality lines that they have to offer.

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